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Sushi by the canal

For my last meal in Toulouse in opted for sushi, with a delicious view of my beloved canal. The sun was shining, the air was crisp; it was beautiful (tear)! Advertisements

Soup from scratch

To continue the weekend feast, for dinner i went to another of my close friend’s house and she made soup from scratch. Now if you ever read my blog you know i looooove soup. Let me repeat this: i looooooooove love soup 🙂 And so she made a broth that gently cooked for 4 hours; […]

Juju bday lunch

Last weekend was my last weekend in Toulouse and coincidently was also one of my very best friends’ birthday 🙂 So i drove to her parent’s place and we had a wonderful lunch, the yummiest part being this Indian dish (her mum is really good at Indian food): Dill ginger carrots, crunchy and light, basmati […]

Brunch at le Moaï

Brunch at le Moaï

Two weekends ago, my parents came to visit as i was about to leave my cherished town of Toulouse; we decided to go out for lunch since i had no more food at my place. Boy was i glad for that! It allowed me to discover albeit belatedly, the wonderful place of Le Moaï; a […]

Burgers at burger & co in toulouse

Last week some friends and I went to try out one of the famed burger places in toulouse: burger and co. The burger was huge, but overall I was disappointed: crazy service (yes, bad crazy), bread was not great and burger was too greasy. The fries were also quite awful. So for me, not the […]

Michel Sarran lunch

  So Michel Sarran is an institution in Toulouse; two michelin stars; a legend. I never had an occasion to go until now (i lost a bet hehe!). The bet winner was gentle and let me invite him for lunch and not dinner, which would have been considerably more expensive!! Now you can imagine it […]


So since Caro was in town and her mum as well (this woman taught me how to read in school!!) we decided to splurge a little even though we are still working off the festive kilos ;)We went to an argentinian restaurant in Toulouse, such a cool place, unassuming, festive, joyous, a perfect place to […]