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Foie gras eggs cocotte for a friendly lunch

I had a friend over for lunch a few days ago and made him a winter salad with goats cheese and walnuts, as well as eggs cocotte with foie gras for the ‘special’ factor! Advertisements

Recipe project: Waldorf salad

A friend of mine is coming to dinner tomorrow and since I ate a ton this weekend I want the meal to be light but original, so I’m opting for a classic American dish: the Waldorf salad! The recipe is essentially from food network but with a little twist (the chicken). As a note, the […]

Toma’s tomato

After I taught my friend Thomas (also named toma for quick) he offered to make lunch for me and I requested it to be light (after all I’m just back from a week at my parents place!). He made a meal that is simple, delicious and light as requested! A tuna salad filled tomato on […]

Another summer favorite: beet/avocado/mango/feta salad

This is one of the recipe i find myself making over and over again because it is so nice and refreshing!!! I subbed feta for the goats cheese this time and did not add walnuts (just because i did not have them on hand) but it is not any less delicious! Ingredients for 2 as […]

Summer salad

Made of cucumber, melon, mint and feta!

Last English supper

Before going back to France I wanted to cook a little dinner for my friend. I chose sthg ‘light’ since we had a big lunch: – a green salad with rocket spinach, watercress, semi dried marinated tomatoes, peas, edamame, white beans and lemon and coriander marinated chicken – ok I kind if went overboard on […]

Melon cucumber feta salad

As mentioned i got inspired by feta after making my greek salad and made this declination i found online. I’m bringing it to a friend’s ‘Apéro’ tonight and i suspect it’ll be a hit in this warm weather! Ingredients (serves 6 as a starter) 1 melon 1 package Feta (i chose mine with Provence herbs […]