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La marée gourmande: a fish restaurant in Toulouse

My friend Otmane (yes he is a regular in my blog!) brought me to a super fish restaurant in Toulouse. Mildly priced, with very good portion size and quality, what more can a girl ask for! (it was even sunny when we went!). I had the salmon carpaccio as a starter and the Julienne (a […]

Merci: Unlimited seafood in Bordeaux

So for easter i was at my brother’s place (wink to my precious nephew Louis!) in Bordeaux and we went to an all you can eat seafood restaurant which was amazing! For 35€ you have 6 Oysters and fries as appetizers (yes i also found the fries were a weird choice and i did not […]

Not so veggie dinner: Bottomless foie gras !

So to counteract the effect of the veggie brunch i had a dinner at a restaurant where for a modest price you can have a menu which includes ‘Foie gras à volonté’ (yes, you can have as much foie gras as you can eat) and a main dish. That is not what i ate but […]

Le petit bacchus

Last week a friend of mine came from Switzerland and declared she wanted to eat foie grad whilst in the city of duck ( and right she is!). We were trying to fbd a place that would not be too expensive and found this really good place : le petit Bacchus. For starters my friend […]

Chocolate tarts: the verdict (+ magret and its foie gras sauce)

So those were a bit of a disappointment. first the recipe is not so great, and second, those are good, but not GREAT. For the recipe, the dough calls for A LOT of butter, way too much in my opinion. Then it also calls for butter in the filling, which i omitted because my arteries […]