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Yogurt raspberry white chocolate and M&Ms cupcakes!!

Remember the Raspberry yogurt cake I made with my 3 year old neighbour? Well, I made it with my friend’s daughter last weekend, with the addition of white chocolate and M&M’s….delicious!! And sinful I know! Advertisements

Raspberry yogurt cake

This afternoon I invited my three year old neighbor for tea and we made a cake together: a raspberry yogurt cake. The good thing is w a little preparation and a little help from a grown up it’s quite an doable cake for a three year old! Not too long, not too hard to make […]

Last English supper

Before going back to France I wanted to cook a little dinner for my friend. I chose sthg ‘light’ since we had a big lunch: – a green salad with rocket spinach, watercress, semi dried marinated tomatoes, peas, edamame, white beans and lemon and coriander marinated chicken – ok I kind if went overboard on […]

Matcha cake: the verdict

I gave a try to the matcha cake project i had last week and after a few scary moments it turned out really good!! the process of making the cake is not very nice i have to say as the batter is really dense…at times I wondered if i missed an ingredient because of the […]

Matcha cake project

So a new Kusmi store opened in town recently and i went to check it our yesterday with a friend. It was a really nice experience as the colors of the brand are very vivd and they have those old time tea jars, and when you walk in they offer you a cup of tea […]