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Yet another lemon pie!


Another lemon pie for Zoe!!

Yesterday was my friend Zoe’s bday party and she loves lemon pie so I made one! I was quite happy about the meringue which turned out really fluffy and nice.

Lemon meringue pie 2: the return

I missed up the meringue as you can see!!

The cakes

Lemon meringue pie

We had it at a restaurant for my dad’s bday, so tangy, it was very good.

Lemon meringue pie- the making of

So the taste test is tomorrow but in the meantime while it’s fresh in my mind i wanted to share my remarks vs. the recipe: recipe was fairly easy and well explained, not a lot of measuring which is always a plus! i was a bit anxious about the meringue but it turned out quite […]

Lemon meringue pie for Christophe

So it’s one of my friend’s bday tuesday so i promised i’ll be making his favorite dessert: a lemon meringue pie. I never tried but it seems easy enough 🙂 I’ll be taking the lazy option and bought the dough pre-made Ingrédients (pour 6/8 personnes) : Pate sablee: 1 rouleau Creme au citron 4 citrons […]