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Lemon cherry cake hybrid with lemon curd/ Tarte hybride au citron, cerise et lemon curd

So since last week was my bday (29 again!) I brought some cake to my theater group, but there was a hitch: i was in a big hurry! So I decided to go the fast route…and made my lemon cherry pie again. Did I ever tell you how it’s made? Well…it’s shamefully simple (really i’m […]

Lemon curd and plum tart for Jyoti’s dinner

Last Sunday an Italian friend organized a dinner at my friends jyotis house because he brought back from Italy SMS pistachio pesto. I was in charge if the dessert, a plum tart. This pistachio pesto was wonderful, so nutty and sticky to the infield it reminded me of pad Thai in terms of sensations. A […]

Lemon curd hotpots, the return!

Made them a again this time in a muffin tin !

Lemon curd hot pots

When I went to London last month I brought back a special booty: lemon curd from Harrods 🙂 I was waiting for my friend Caro to come to my place to try it and chose an original recipe to showcase it: lemon curd hotpots. I adapted the recipe from marmiton, the result is very good, […]

Last English supper

Before going back to France I wanted to cook a little dinner for my friend. I chose sthg ‘light’ since we had a big lunch: – a green salad with rocket spinach, watercress, semi dried marinated tomatoes, peas, edamame, white beans and lemon and coriander marinated chicken – ok I kind if went overboard on […]