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in France, BBQ are more often kebabs than burgers so when we had one last week we made Chicken and pineapple Shrimp, tomato, mushroom and lemon Zucchini, eggplant, tomato Brochettes!    Advertisements

Caro visit to Lyon- L’archange

My bestest friend Caro came to visit with her boyfriend, so we went to a super good restau…a great experience 🙂  

Catching up in reverse: Oslo

i went to Oslo last weekend with two good friends and we had tons of great food 🙂 From a superb cherry pie from a food court to amazing pasta, here it is!              

Birthday cakes and feasts

Surprisingly I had tons of cakes on my bday. Oh yeah usually turn away from those so that was surprising. All right alright I can’t pretend… I had tons of delicious food and it was definitely worth the weeks of diet that are going to come now in anticipation of Xmas!!!

Soup from scratch

To continue the weekend feast, for dinner i went to another of my close friend’s house and she made soup from scratch. Now if you ever read my blog you know i looooove soup. Let me repeat this: i looooooooove love soup 🙂 And so she made a broth that gently cooked for 4 hours; […]

Juju bday lunch

Last weekend was my last weekend in Toulouse and coincidently was also one of my very best friends’ birthday 🙂 So i drove to her parent’s place and we had a wonderful lunch, the yummiest part being this Indian dish (her mum is really good at Indian food): Dill ginger carrots, crunchy and light, basmati […]


Since i moved to Vienne i discovered i have a fellow foodie friend, but he’s more into the traditional french fare; so it has been the occasion to rediscover some of the classics of the french cuisine, like in this case ‘rognons’ or kidneys, cooked in a mushroom and cream and brandy sauce on a […]