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Sunday brunch- Apple bacon tartlets: so good!

So today I hosted a brunch with some of my favorite people: my theater group folks!!! We had TONS of food, way too much as usual! But it was all delicious and Nanou* one of my friends made her now famous apple bacon tartlets which are amazingly good! Here is the recipe which she got […]

Pasta by Diego

One of my Italian friends gave me the pleasure of coming to my house at lunch and cooking me pasta!! A traditional sunday meal it seems 🙂 Of course, it was very very excellent!!

Cooking class trial- a good start!

So Tuesday was the trial for my cooking class which takes place next week (so scared!). I enlisted three of my friends to test the recipes, my teaching, the theme…everything! I’m glad to say i think they had fun and the recipes were a success! A few things needed adjusting (the biggest one being i […]

Thomas’ chocolate hazelnut fondant

Delicious! In fact so delicious i ate two! He even put hazelnut chocolate inside so that the heart becomes a melty, gooey center 🙂

Chocolate pie with Thomas

I made the chocolate pie again, this time with the homemade caramel and it was heavenly!! My friend Thomas came to make one as well so we had fun cooking together. (Well at least he clearly enjoyed licking the pans!)

Raspberry yogurt cake

This afternoon I invited my three year old neighbor for tea and we made a cake together: a raspberry yogurt cake. The good thing is w a little preparation and a little help from a grown up it’s quite an doable cake for a three year old! Not too long, not too hard to make […]