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Kiwi Proust’ Madeleine


Thomas’ chocolate hazelnut fondant

Delicious! In fact so delicious i ate two! He even put hazelnut chocolate inside so that the heart becomes a melty, gooey center 🙂

Chocolate and redcurrant cupcakes for my sweet 3 year old neighbor :)

  Sometimes when my little neighbor comes back from school and i’m also coming home she comes wandering in my place and likes to explore the treasures of an unknown place…i give her free reins because as a kid I also loved to snoop…discovering things about someone else, is there a greater thing in life?!! […]

Brookies: the verdict

Ok, if you haven’t tried the brookies recipe in this post, you HAVE to try it, it is very delicious and addictive, a colleague of mine told me her husband asked her to stop baking anything else! Making the brookies was fun, nothing to report here, and i had a lot of trouble not eating […]

Otmane’s chocolate tarts

So my friend Otmane always makes Tajins for me but he always asks for sthg in return, and it is always the same thing: a chocolate tart. Fortunately for me tose are remarkably easy to make and so i think the trade is pretty good! I could not believe i never posted this recipe as […]

Chocolate photoshoot

This is the day we found our mascot: the not so catholic nun 🙂

Silk tofu- the verdict!

So I did bake the chocolate cake with silken tofu and it’s delicious!