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Waldorf salad: the verdict

Nothing to say, a very good salad! Advertisements

Recipe project: Waldorf salad

A friend of mine is coming to dinner tomorrow and since I ate a ton this weekend I want the meal to be light but original, so I’m opting for a classic American dish: the Waldorf salad! The recipe is essentially from food network but with a little twist (the chicken). As a note, the […]

Broth- The making of

So i made the broth yesterday and since I forgot to buy the veggies it was a very basic version of it! I just threw 2 chicken thighs in water and waited 🙂 And waited And waited Well yes you just can’t be in a hurry when making broth! The good thing is that it’s […]

Recipe project: bouillon

I’ve been wanting to try and cool my own bouillon for a while but since I never eat a whole chicken I never had the raw materials on hand. But I drank a bouillon at a Spanish hole in the wall on my way back from San Sebastián and it made me want to try […]

Lunch hour cooking class

So one of my new years resolutions was to take a cooking class. My first attempt was a lunch hour one, so that it’s not too expensive (cooking classes are pricey!). My experience was quite good, I went alone, and i think it would have been more fun as a group, but ended up meeting […]

Inpromptu Curry

So tonight i was out early-ish (thanks to the photoshoot!) so i felt like going out but it seems my friends had other ideas so i found myself home prematurely 😉 So since i had time on my hands i tried to use up some ingredients that were not finding much use in my kitchen: […]

Bean burgers, rice pudding and lemon chicken

So some friends of mine are coming over tonight for my (now!) traditional dinner and a movie on sunday. I wanted to make sthg good but not too heavy since i got horrified when i got on the scale last week (too much lemon meringue pie will do that to ya!). Since we also have […]