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The cakes


Carrot cake- en français

Since i’m bored today even though i have tons of work to do, i thought i’d take a moment and share a gift with the world- a gift that is the carrot cake recipe!! Se here it is in french Gâteau à la carotte (12 grosses parts): Ingrédients (il y en a bcp mais ça […]

The verdict

Oh- yeah. Real good 🙂 Moist, indulgent- decadent even-, sweet but lemony, creamy and crunchy…. can’t say anymore as i am too full and am now going to attempt digestion! Have a nice week everyone 🙂

Carrot cake- The making of

I tried the carrot cake recipe this afternoon. I was initially quite intimidated since the recipe is pretty looong and no pressure, two of my friends already mastered it (!) but i found it a very pleasant experience, as the elements of the cake are so luscious individually. I did it over several hours to […]

Next challenge: Helena’s carrot cake!

So for new years our friend Helena did a carrot cake. Well it is SO good it created quite a stir and was already made again by another friend. I’m going to give it a stab this week end, i hope to do it justice! Here is the recipe Carrot Cake (10-12 servings): Ingredients (quite […]