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Recipe envy: salted butter caramel, another way

Remeber how I tried Salted butter caramel and it was quite annoying to make? Well I got another recipe from my aunt, I so want to give it a try!! **Update** Here are pics of the recipe! (My aunt made it) Advertisements

Salted butter caramel: the verdict

Sooo making the recipe was actually quite annoying!!! Ingredients and measuring are simple enough but it was not 5 minutes but more like 40 minutes to obtain a caramely color to the mixture! And you do have to stir ALL THE TIME!!! In the end the caramel is very very good but a bit too […]

Recipe project: salted butter caramel

I still remember the perfect millionaire shortbread i had in Leeds so I wanted to attempt and recreate the perfect texture of the caramel that was in it. You could use it for shortbread or caramel chocolate tart, or as a topping for vanilla ice cream, or …just like that :)) I have always been […]

Best shortbread in the world

Diet begone I would stuff myself with this salted caramel shortbread (oh sorry I’m in the UK… I would fork delicate morsels of this treat!!) all day long. I found it at Nichols vegetarian delicatessen in Chapel Allerton having lunch with Caro. A sin but a delicious one!! Ps: the rest of the meal was […]

Otmane’s chocolate tarts

So my friend Otmane always makes Tajins for me but he always asks for sthg in return, and it is always the same thing: a chocolate tart. Fortunately for me tose are remarkably easy to make and so i think the trade is pretty good! I could not believe i never posted this recipe as […]