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Brunch at le Moaï

Brunch at le Moaï

Two weekends ago, my parents came to visit as i was about to leave my cherished town of Toulouse; we decided to go out for lunch since i had no more food at my place. Boy was i glad for that! It allowed me to discover albeit belatedly, the wonderful place of Le Moaï; a […]

Sunday brunch- Apple bacon tartlets: so good!

So today I hosted a brunch with some of my favorite people: my theater group folks!!! We had TONS of food, way too much as usual! But it was all delicious and Nanou* one of my friends made her now famous apple bacon tartlets which are amazingly good! Here is the recipe which she got […]

Brunch in the sun

Yesterday my friends and I had a brunch and Nanou once again amazed us with her creativity! She made scones, and also bacon and apple tarts, so good! The closest recipe I could find is here. I made a giant fruit salad with pineapple, mango, melon, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, so good!!

Brunch at Bapz

We had a girly brunch with my friends at a English place int he center of Toulouse: BAPZ. I think we spent 4 hours lingering over this meal, which was a good thing because it was so cosy and conforting! I had meat pie and a fruit crumble (impossible to resist so i took a […]

Veggie brunch

At “La belle verte”, one of my faves in Toulouse (not just favorite organic/veggie restaurant, but one of my favorites restaurants period!). A very hefty fare (i had already eaten quite a bit from my brunch here), with various flavors, love it. So good on a cold day (mmh like today! coincidence, i think not…). […]

Veggie brunch

Today I had another nice veggie brunch which was quite original too! If I remember correctly there was beets, an artichoke with its vinaigrette *inside* which I thought was so smart, a soup, a fried veggie sthg, a slice of quiche, a pepper toast and a eggplant toast, a small salad, and a pineapple. Kept […]