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My Birthday, cooking class and engagement cake!

My birthday was a very interesting period: my family came to visit, then Chris gave me a super present which was to take an all day cooking class in Lyon, and righ tafter, asked if i would become his wife, with the help of a cake! How could i say no to that 🙂

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Fall 2015 random food experiences

Since i haven’t written since this summer there are a lot of hodge podge experiences i’d like to share with you!

they include trips to Paris, Barcelona, a work party where we made cupakes..!

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South Africa trip

As Chris is from south Africa, it was a honor to visit his birth country this fall; we spent time in Cape Town and then spent a few days to drive down the coast to a Elephant park (ADDO).

The whole experience was very special and the food was amazing and cheap; in addition they put avocado everywhere, which i love!

Avocado on pizza, avocado on burgers, avocado in salads, avocado…(you get the point).

Here is a slideshow to make your taste buds travel!

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Food and beverage photoshoots

Regularly, my job involves being present at photo shoots to make sure we’re happy with the results; in the fall i had no less than 4 days of shoot, which were super fun and the results were brilliant!

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Peruvian restaurant/ Oct 15

Every month, my sweetie and i try to eat at a good, innovative restaurant, no expense spared (well, all is relative of course!).

In October we went to Miraflores, a gastronomic Peruvian restaurant.

The experience felt special, and the chef really seems like he wants to take his guests on a journey full of surprises and dares!

See what we ate below:

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Coast escapade/ Sept 15

My brother got married in Bordeaux last fall and after the celebration we had a bit of time to do some sightseeing so we went to Bordeaux.

We were both hungry at 6.30pm; but since nothing was opened (hey this is France!), we wandered the streets and trusted Yelp to give us dining advice.

As luck would have it we chose to stop at a noodle place which proved to be very popular (if we judge by the amount of queue at french dinner time!).

We barely waited and the noodles were amazingly good!

The next day we went by the ocean to visit the Dune of Pylaa, which is the biggest sand dune in Europe (or so i’ve been told all my life!), and we had a sea worthy meal which was huge, and included calamari but also a soy tuna tartar with a foie gras topping (it goes together amazingly well!). For dessert i had the hugest pudding imaginable served in a glass: a deconstructed lemon pie!

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Sunday night masterpiece

oh yeah!

  • Braised pork roast slowly simmered in coconut, curry and nectarines
  • Beets mashed potatoes 
  • Green beans

The perfect combination!!!