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Coast escapade/ Sept 15

My brother got married in Bordeaux last fall and after the celebration we had a bit of time to do some sightseeing so we went to Bordeaux.

We were both hungry at 6.30pm; but since nothing was opened (hey this is France!), we wandered the streets and trusted Yelp to give us dining advice.

As luck would have it we chose to stop at a noodle place which proved to be very popular (if we judge by the amount of queue at french dinner time!).

We barely waited and the noodles were amazingly good!

The next day we went by the ocean to visit the Dune of Pylaa, which is the biggest sand dune in Europe (or so i’ve been told all my life!), and we had a sea worthy meal which was huge, and included calamari but also a soy tuna tartar with a foie gras topping (it goes together amazingly well!). For dessert i had the hugest pudding imaginable served in a glass: a deconstructed lemon pie!

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Sunday night masterpiece

oh yeah!

  • Braised pork roast slowly simmered in coconut, curry and nectarines
  • Beets mashed potatoes 
  • Green beans

The perfect combination!!!


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Healthy lunch

Delicious and put together in minutes! However I’m hungry already hehe

Our menu

  • Dish: Mango, shrimp, avocado, quinoa, grapefruit and basil
  • Dessert: white nectarines, blueberries,  mint, lemon juice, sugar and a bit of candied orange peel with a sprinkling of vanilla!


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L’artiste et le cuisinier restaurant 

Yesterday we went out to enjoy a celebratory meal!

We went to a creative restaurant and the menu was bluffing

  • Starters: turkey involtini with peppers and chestnut gnocchi with Parmesan foam (not pictured) and for me a white tuna tartare with basil olive oil
  • Dishes: he had a wild boar roasted in tonka beans with a potato and beet creamy mash (so trying this tonight!) and I had a roasted cod with peaches and leeks
  • Dessert: we shared a mini lemon tartlet and peach and apricot ‘soup’

It was super delicious !



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Mushroom festival in Pau 

we went to Pau for a well earned week of vacation, where we cooked bobotie for my family, and we ate so many porcini mushrooms we became tired of of them!

Most notably i also had a great waffle with salted caramel sauce on top, a great paella and homemade ice cream cake, but most of all, mushrooms 🙂


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Mexican fiesta!

Chicken tacos with 

  • Corn tortilla
  • Paprika chicken
  • Guacamole
  • Refried beans
  • Pan fried mushrooms
  • Sour cream
  • Corn 
  • Fresh lettuce and tomato

 So good!


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Best boyfriend ever!

Photo 04-08-2015 19 43 50 Photo 04-08-2015 19 43 54 Photo 04-08-2015 19 43 59

Greeted my home with this delicious salad composed of grilled calamari, perfectly steamed green beans, mushrooms, rocket and baby tomatoes 🙂