7 Food I ate or lusted after

Our desserts this weekend

The main dishes had no chance to be pictures before they passed out lips so here is a pic of our delicious desserts! That was at kitchen café in Lyon I had a reinterpreted ‘millefeuille’ with salted caramel ice cream and Chris had pear and chocolate surmounted by marshmallow fluff with an ice cream center. […]

End of the year festivities and 2016 start

Just wanted to share with you the delicious dishes we had for Xmas, and a few of our creations in this new year: from tian to a failed  recreation of the pear pie we made at the cooking class! to a tasty 2016!

My Birthday, cooking class and engagement cake!

My birthday was a very interesting period: my family came to visit, then Chris gave me a super present which was to take an all day cooking class in Lyon, and righ tafter, asked if i would become his wife, with the help of a cake! How could i say no to that 🙂

Fall 2015 random food experiences

Since i haven’t written since this summer there are a lot of hodge podge experiences i’d like to share with you! they include trips to Paris, Barcelona, a work party where we made cupakes..!

South Africa trip

As Chris is from south Africa, it was a honor to visit his birth country this fall; we spent time in Cape Town and then spent a few days to drive down the coast to a Elephant park (ADDO). The whole experience was very special and the food was amazing and cheap; in addition they […]

Food and beverage photoshoots

Regularly, my job involves being present at photo shoots to make sure we’re happy with the results; in the fall i had no less than 4 days of shoot, which were super fun and the results were brilliant!

Peruvian restaurant/ Oct 15

Every month, my sweetie and i try to eat at a good, innovative restaurant, no expense spared (well, all is relative of course!). In October we went to Miraflores, a gastronomic Peruvian restaurant. The experience felt special, and the chef really seems like he wants to take his guests on a journey full of surprises […]