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South African milk tart

as I’m part of a cake club that gets together every tuesday I made a South African milk tart for this week 🙂 Verdict in an hour!            Verdict: everyone loved this fresh delicious pie!         Advertisements

Home cooked dinner

gnocchi with morel sauce and crumble…yum!           

Best cookies ever!!

So last weekend (I know, recurring theme!! Ate a lot last weekend but was too busy to blog about it!!) I was invited to a bday party and I wanted to bring an edible present so I thought, why not make original cookies! Actually as a base I used the toll house recipe which is […]

Cake for work

Yes I have such an tough job! I HAVE to try our molds with multiple recipes! This one was so moist and delicious! It was my yogurt cake with berries and white chocolate. Very decadent 🙂


For the meal mentioned at the previous page, my contribution was to bring a traditional Australian cake: the pavlova. To make the story short, this cake was developed for a Russian ballerina by an Australian baker. It is a huge meringue topped with fresh whipped cream and an array of exotic fruits. Now the exotic […]

First cake baked at my new apartment!

Raspberry tartlets

So I started a new job two weeks ago, and I just HAD to test the product 🙂 fortunately those products are baking molds so that was the perfect excuse to act on one of my goals fot this year which is to master making two types of dough from scratch- yes in the past […]