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Chickpea cookie dough: weird but i so want to eat it!!!

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Thanksgiving cooking course project: a new challenge!

So I just agreed to a new challenge: give cooking classes in English on Nov 27th, the day before Thanksgiving! The public is french people who are learning to speak English. I decided upon a very *original* meal: Thanksgiving in a sandwich! As appetizers, we will have celery sticks and carrots to dip in ranch […]

Boles de Picoulat- a traditional catalan recipe

I went to visit my aunts house this weekend and this is only the first post about my culinary experiences there! When we got there she was cooking a meal for her guests (she has a B&B):typical catalan meatballs. They smelled heanvenly so i took pics of the recipe and of the meatballs of course! […]

Recipe envy: salted butter caramel, another way

Remeber how I tried Salted butter caramel and it was quite annoying to make? Well I got another recipe from my aunt, I so want to give it a try!! **Update** Here are pics of the recipe! (My aunt made it)

Recipe project: Waldorf salad

A friend of mine is coming to dinner tomorrow and since I ate a ton this weekend I want the meal to be light but original, so I’m opting for a classic American dish: the Waldorf salad! The recipe is essentially from food network but with a little twist (the chicken). As a note, the […]

Recipe project: salted butter caramel

I still remember the perfect millionaire shortbread i had in Leeds so I wanted to attempt and recreate the perfect texture of the caramel that was in it. You could use it for shortbread or caramel chocolate tart, or as a topping for vanilla ice cream, or …just like that :)) I have always been […]

Recipe project: Spring roll inspired salad

So I went back to my old stomping grounds this week – in Lyon- and visited my old company. I used to manage an asian noodle brand called Tien shan, and i was lucky enough to get a sample of one of their new products: instant rice noodles (and not vermicelli which is way thinner!). […]