4 So simple it’s not even a recipe!

Healthy lunch

Delicious and put together in minutes! However I’m hungry already hehe Our menu Dish: Mango, shrimp, avocado, quinoa, grapefruit and basil Dessert: white nectarines, blueberries,  mint, lemon juice, sugar and a bit of candied orange peel with a sprinkling of vanilla!       Advertisements

Mexican fiesta!

Chicken tacos with  Corn tortilla Paprika chicken Guacamole Refried beans Pan fried mushrooms Sour cream Corn  Fresh lettuce and tomato  So good!       


in France, BBQ are more often kebabs than burgers so when we had one last week we made Chicken and pineapple Shrimp, tomato, mushroom and lemon Zucchini, eggplant, tomato Brochettes!   

Best veggie bowl ever!

This weekend we made the best veggie bowl ever! It is so simple I’m not sure i can call it a recipe but here were the ingredients, all roasted except the Quinoa and the spinach: 1 large can chickpeas, rinsed and rubbed in olive oil, paprika, salt and pepper 1 broccoli bunch, cut into florets […]

Risotto my way

Since i just moved, i made sure my new house has a great kitchen 🙂 I now have space to cook, and more importantly i feel good in that kitchen, it inspires me to cook 🙂 So for my first meal (in the middle of unpacking my 50 boxes), i opted for an easy yet […]

My invention

So to continue in the theme ‘i have nothing to eat at my place so i make do with what i have on hand’ (wow that’s long); here is actually a wonderful flavor combination i came up with: Lettuce cup (well i know i’m using that term loosely hehe) Tiny sliver of a pink duck […]

Simple veggie meal

Made of grain mix, coconut cream and mushrooms! With a healthy dose of curry too 🙂