3 Salty stuff


in France, BBQ are more often kebabs than burgers so when we had one last week we made Chicken and pineapple Shrimp, tomato, mushroom and lemon Zucchini, eggplant, tomato Brochettes!    Advertisements

My invention

So to continue in the theme ‘i have nothing to eat at my place so i make do with what i have on hand’ (wow that’s long); here is actually a wonderful flavor combination i came up with: Lettuce cup (well i know i’m using that term loosely hehe) Tiny sliver of a pink duck […]

Simple veggie meal

Made of grain mix, coconut cream and mushrooms! With a healthy dose of curry too 🙂


Salmon pizza

Cucumber and cream and salmon

Now it feels liek deja vu…yes i probably posted this meal before as this is one of my favorite summer go to!! But since last time, my lactose intolerance became worse so i actually did this with soy cream and let me tell you, it’s just as good 🙂


OK so this is not really a tian but it is tianlike! Simply cut paper thin slices of potatoes and zucchini and layer them in a baking dish. then douse in olive oil with salt, pepper, a bit of garlic and roast 🙂 So delicious!