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South African milk tart

as I’m part of a cake club that gets together every tuesday I made a South African milk tart for this week 🙂 Verdict in an hour!            Verdict: everyone loved this fresh delicious pie!         Advertisements

Delicious Apricot clafoutis

So i met Chris’ mum and sister for the first time this month and Ashleigh wanted to cook something so I directed her into doing a delicious summer dessert: a clafoutis. This time we went with apricots which are sweet and juicy in this season, and reveal their tartness when baked 🙂 As you can […]

Guest Blogger: Sophia

A young colleague of mine is quite the gifted baker and so i promised her a guest spot on my blog! Her amaretti cake is rich and delicious and deserves a better picture, unfortunately it was eaten before we could take one!!! Cake aux amarrettis   Ingrédients pour un moule à cake de taille normale 100g […]


CEO’s visit

I made a few cakes for our new CEO’s visit: – Fresh apricot pound cake – Chocolate, chocolate chips and peanut butter cake – Chocolate and Nutella(r) cake – Lemon pound cake with lemon curd and crumbs of lemon curd biscuits Needless to say, all the cake mixes were ready made, i just docotred them […]

Recipe contest

In my job, one of my missions is to launch a new product: paper molds. So to make sure everyone in the company knows about it i organized a recipe contest worldwide!! We got participants from 15 countries and i’m so proud of everyone baking away 🙂 Except when came time to announce the winners […]

Coconut apricot clafoutis

Just something i threw together! To be honest i bought this little bag of coocnut powder and i cannot seem to finish it! In fact most of the time you only use a little but everytime so it just takes forever to finish…it’s just sitting there in my fridge (to avoid gettign rancid), quietly whispering: […]