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Trip to Finland: Aino and food blogger workshop

Back in June (i know i know, it’s been a while) i went to Finland for a bloggers conference and had the fortune to have my sweetie travel with me; therefore we had to indulge and discover Finnish delicacies!

It was natural that our first stop was Aino, which is a traditional Finnish restaurant in the heart of Helsinki. It’s actually traditional and modern at the same time. Yes you can find Salmon and Reindeer, but prepared in a modern way.

I went completely overboard with the salmon and ordered a snacked fresh salmon, which was very delicious, as well as a hot smoked piece of salmon served with seasonal vegetables.

Chris had the reindeer of course, served rare, which is heavenly! If you never had this type of meat; it is definitely gamier than beef!

Then, we went to the blogger’s conference during which we had to cook. The dish we were in charge of was so good my mouth is watering just to think about it: we made a grilled pineapple marinated into a rhum, sugar and butter concoction after it is grilled; served just warm with mascarpone…mmmhhh!!!



Photo 05-06-2015 20 33 30 Photo 05-06-2015 20 33 34 Photo 05-06-2015 20 51 51 Photo 05-06-2015 20 51 56 Photo 05-06-2015 20 52 03 Photo 06-06-2015 18 43 55


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