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Porto Part 1- veggie restaurant

In the middle of June, Chris and I went to Porto, Portugal to have a weekend away.

You will see we did not really eat the most traditional foods but i can say without hesitations that i had some of the best meals in my life in that town!

The first one was actually at an out of the way vegetarian restaurant, which had a lovely terrass and an even lovelier menu!

I started with an orange, kiwi and pecan nut salad, which was insaleny refreshing and went on with a Tofu main dish and a coconut pudding, while Chris started with a summer veggie strata and enjoyed a mushroom and couscous dish and to finish, i was jealous of his cheesecake with passion fruit.

I know it’s not super traditional to go veggie in Porto but it was so original, so good, and we didn’t miss the meat one bit!!


Photo 19-06-2015 21 55 51 Photo 19-06-2015 21 56 03 Photo 19-06-2015 22 13 58 Photo 19-06-2015 22 14 05 Photo 19-06-2015 22 47 23 Photo 19-06-2015 22 47 33 Photo 19-06-2015 22 54 48


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