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Paul Bocuse graduation ceremony

My boss and I were invited to the Paul Bocuse institute graduation ceremony.

It was fun at first: a few famous people talked, including Daniel Boulud from NYC, they students were handed their diploma…it was fun until we realized there were a LOT of students and we were VERY hungry!!!

Nevertheless the buffet was quite good and quite well thought out: it was a journey of discovery of flovors, from latin countries to asia, and each continent had a set up and a different frame of mind and food🙂

I especially enjoyed the Asian area where plates were set on a pond scene, on actual water!


Photo 30-10-2014 22 00 11

Photo 30-10-2014 21 50 45

Photo 30-10-2014 21 35 17

Photo 30-10-2014 21 35 13

Photo 30-10-2014 21 35 06

Photo 30-10-2014 21 35 03


Photo 30-10-2014 21 31 49

Photo 30-10-2014 21 17 28

Photo 30-10-2014 21 17 23

Photo 30-10-2014 20 23 29

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