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A gastronomic weekend in Lyon

My best friends came to visit me in Lyon this weekend and so i showed them the specialties of this culinary rich city (at least i tried to!) and we had a blast 🙂


After eating Etiopian in the only Ethiopian retsaurant in Lyopn (not bad!) we went to the Bocuse market and after admiring the glistening candied fruits and other many delicacies, we settled on fresh pasta: one was stuffed with porcini mushroom, one with pumpkin and almonds and the last one with truffle (mmmh). it was delicious!!

Then we discovered a great veggie restaurant and had a ratatouille with rare vegetables, and after a champagne brunch on sunday morning i treated myself to a ‘praline’ pie, with candied nuts, which is very typical of Lyon


Photo 15-11-2014 13 28 52

Photo 14-11-2014 20 49 23

Photo 15-11-2014 13 35 33

Photo 15-11-2014 13 35 36

Photo 15-11-2014 14 33 46

Photo 15-11-2014 14 33 53

Photo 15-11-2014 20 43 54

Photo 15-11-2014 20 55 28

Photo 15-11-2014 21 22 49

Photo 16-11-2014 16 20 19

Photo 16-11-2014 16 21 49



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