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Brunch at le Moaï

Two weekends ago, my parents came to visit as i was about to leave my cherished town of Toulouse; we decided to go out for lunch since i had no more food at my place.

Boy was i glad for that! It allowed me to discover albeit belatedly, the wonderful place of Le Moaï; a restaurant nestled in ‘Le jardin des Plantes’, the nearest (and my favorite) garden near my now ex house.

The system is confusing at first: good food, but served cafeteria style? I did not expect that!

But when you take a look at the beautiful starters (which are only 6€ by the way!) then there is no more question in your mind about why people would queue up for so long; it is simply stunning and delicious!!!

I had a combination of starters for my meal: A potato and herring salad as well as a green bean salad with its ‘oeuf mollet’

For dessert i went with a pineapple ‘en gelée’ with a lemon mousse and a coconut biscuit; mhhhhhh

Simply delicious!










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