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My first visit to Finland

I work for a Finnish company and was invited to a training at the HQ a few weeks ago, in Helsinki.

I hadn’t been to a truly foreign country (to me of course) for a while so i cannot tell you the wonder i felt, discovering the language (i love the sounds), the habits (sauna anyone?), the food and i was fortunate enough to be there right when it was midsummer: the endless day!

So in the photos below you can discover people having dinner in the air (!), the cider i shared with my colleagues Jesse and Irmeli, some delicious looking pastries and last but not least the Finnish strawberries! the season was late this year but i got to taste them and it seems that because they see the light longer, their taste is even more delicious than other strawberries! I find myself agreeing with that statement 🙂









One comment on “My first visit to Finland

  1. Bonjour.

    Comment trouvez-vous la Finlande maintenant après votre première visite? Sauna, oui. Voici mon post sur Sauna finlandais:

    Finnish Sauna.

    Belle journée.

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