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Cake lunch

My friends and I regularly do something we call ‘cake lunch’.

the principle is quite simple: we have lunch, but mainly composed of cake.

simple, yet so smart isn’t it!!??

So yesterday was mother’s day in France and since my dear Zoe had her mama in town, we had a cake lunch with a bunch of people.

Yes, there was a price to pay: sugar coma nap in the park after the many cakes…!!

Photo 25-05-2014 15 44 40

Photo 25-05-2014 15 44 34

Photo 25-05-2014 15 44 31

tha cake array at ‘l’autre salon de thé’…so impressive!

Photo 25-05-2014 14 17 41

peanut butter and chocolate fudge bar/ enough food for a marathon!!

Photo 25-05-2014 14 17 37


Photo 25-05-2014 14 17 30

key lime pie (not really key lime, but very good nevertheless!)

Photo 25-05-2014 14 17 25

the trio of cakes

Photo 25-05-2014 13 27 16

a cute bottle of lemonade!


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