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Visit at l’institut Paul Bocuse

So last week I had one if those days where you think ‘am I really paid to do this?’

Because I got to do something I dreamt of doing for a while: going to visit the Paul Bocuse cooking institute.

The school itself is in a castle, and it’s swarming with cooks (well yes I know, so surprising!!). I really wanted to take pictures of everything but refrained in an attempt to remain professional!!

We first had a chat with some of the staff and then visited the cooking labs (all 8 of them!) and finally ate at the ‘canteen’ which was quite exquisite!
This is where the students eat and the restaurant itself is held by students with a bistro concept; the menu is imposed and we had a small Cesar salad to start with, a very pretty dish of white fish on a bed if boulghour, leeks with a swirl of fresh pea sauce. For desert, a sinful but heavenly chocolate cake with layers of a dense but thin genoise and a strong chocolate ganache. There was a caramel sauce with speculoos on the side. The slice was small but more than enough. Also I was expecting it to be a little too much in terms of chocolate (I’m more if a fruit pie fan) but it was perfectly dosed!!

Anyway I hope to go back there very soon and try the other restaurant ( the gastronomic one!) also held by students!

To dreams come true 🙂









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