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Homemade pasta sauce and Coconut caramel

So lately i haven’t been cooking as much so i invited a friend for lunch on Sunday to be able to cook/to have an excuse to cook 🙂

yes i occasionally use my friend’s stomach as a way to practice my passion!

Of course though, i wanted to use the ingredients that are in my fridge; and i had bought a big bag of tomatoes (or whatever ersatz they are selling us for tomatoes right now…i know, i know!! Not in season).

So i figured i would make pasta with a refreshing homemade tomato sauce; primavera style!

To give a rough recipe;

  • 10 tomates
  • EVOO, salt and pepper, tbsp of sugar
  • Basil
  • 1 small carrot
  • Garden peas (the big ones)
  • Fresh mushrooms, thinly sliced


  • cook the tomatoes (with all their juice etc) with the cut up carrots, spices
  • in a separate pan, pan fry the mushrooms (no need for anything on them)
  • When cooked, zap the sauce in a blender (or use a stick blender like i did)- the sauce will be creamy even with no cream!
  • Add the basil
  • Add the pan fried mushrooms
  • when your pasta is 80% cooked to your taste, reserve 1 cup of pasta liquid and drain the pasta
  • in a large saucepan, mix the sauce and the pasta with the cooking water- the gluten in the water will allow the sauce to be thick and delicious!
  • Add the garden peas and cook for a few minutes (as you can see i added the peas before and so they were not so vivid green in the end!)

And for dessert i wanted to be creative but i did not have much!!

So since i had two bananas, i used my imagination (no, you dirty mind, not that way!!)

I made banana with a crust of coconut cream caramel

**Now drumrolls, this was a big day for me, as i made caramel on my own for the first time!!!**

this is one of my big hangups, i’ve always been afraid of making caramel, i know it’s an irrational fear since it is SO simple!

So i but the bullet: i mixed 100g of sugar with 3 tbsp of water and waited,

and waited

and waited

and suddenly something magic happened and the caramel turned brown!!

so i turned the heat way down and added the coconut cream.

then I quickly poured over the bananas (which i had stored in the freezer so that they are nice and cool).

The verdict: ok the caramel was wayy too thick and so the crust it formed was too hard to eat, but the taste was so delicious!

I would recommend a light caramel coating and then serving the banana in a sea of coconut cream 🙂

so good!!













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