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Cherry rhubarb crumble top clafoutis

I’m going to a friends Bollywood themed housewarming party and I did not really think it through: I did not plan anything to bring!!!

However I dug into my ever resourceful cupboard and freezer and come up with a pretty cool idea: a hybrid clafoutis!!

Here is the loot of my freezer: frozen rhubarb and cherries, a leftover crumble dough in the freezer and other stuff on hands: eggs, flour and sugar.

So clafoutis it is!!
I used my grandmas recipe with a little twist: I used less flour, more sugar (rhubarb is quite acidic) and some ground vanilla. Oh and one more egg hehe.
So here is the recipe:
– 3/4 cup flour
– 1/2 cup sugar
– 1 pinch of salt
– 3 eggs
– ground vanilla
– 2 cups milk
– any juicy fruit, about 500g
– crumble dough ( optional 😉 )

Mix dry ingredients
In a separate bowl mix wet ingredients
Add wet to dry
Grease a baking dish add the fruits and pour the batter over them.
Top with the crumble dough
Bake for 30/40 min at 180c




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