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Instant strawberry tarts

Sometimes I do things i know i shouldn’t do. Like buying strawberries in February (but they were so red, so cheap, so…available!!!).

Now i know they are not in season (nor will they truly be for a couple of months!) but i love them so much i had to treat myself (I use them on my cereals in the morning).So this afternoon as I came back from a disappointing journey up to Lyon ( I spent the weekend 30 min south of Lyon; it was sunny; i thought great  i can read my book along the rhone in the city! By the time i got there it was freezing and overcast, dammit!), i wanted a treat but my cupboards are not yet stocked with all the goodies i need.

So I did what any girl would do in my situation: i pulled together little shortbreads, lemon marmalade and sliced strawberries and deemed them ‘instant strawberry tarts’!!! Worked wonders, I loved it and it hit the proverbial spot.




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