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A foodie weekend

This weekend was a festival for my stomach. So much so that I had to take a fizzy helper to make me digest!!

Since I was expected to provide dessert on more than one occasion (4 to be precise), I decided to make my life easier and make a variety of fresh fruit crumbles.
I opted for three versions:
– raspberry blueberry
– mango lime
– pear chocolate

For the recipe if the crumble itself I used the easy same proportions: 250g of sugar, butter and flour. This was enough to make about 10 crumbles!

Otherwise I had tons of good food: on Saturday night a great veggie quiche (laurel in still waiting for the recipe!), homemade hummus.
On Sunday my dear friend Diego came to cook pasta for me for Sunday lunch with pistachio pesto (Mmh), then it was time for Crepes at my brothers place and last but not least a nice potato porcini gratin. Phew, no wonder my stomach couldn’t handle it!!










One comment on “A foodie weekend

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