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Bulgarian meal and Australian deserts for Australia Day!

So yesterday was Australia day and we had planned to have dinner at a blugarian friend of mine’s so we decided to do a hybrid dinner!

We had a bulgarian starter and main, and many (MANY) Australian deserts!

The starter was a light and refreshing salad made out of tomatoes, cucumber, red and green peppers and feta cheese. Our wonderful host explained that this is served pretty much anywhere anytime. You sit down and boom, this salad appears! Unfortunately my Bulgarian is poor and i cannot remember the name of the salad.

The main actually pretty much contained the same ingredients (ex cucumber) but cooked in a special clay pot, with bacon as a bonus, and an egg on the top-very delicious!!

For deserts, we had tim tams (chocolate covered chocolate filled biscuits), caramel slice (I would die for this), another cookie I can’t remember the name of which is made without eggs and fianlly I had made a pavlova (recipe to follow) so we ate that.

Zoe told us the story behing tim tams and i’m very tempted to try it: as kids, you bite of one corner and then the diagonal corner and suck warm milk like with a straw in order to ‘fill’ the biscuit with the warm milk. I can only imagine it melts in your mouth, mmmmiam!!!!

I’m still full!! And I loved that we were 5 people, all from different nationalities and we chatted about culture and polititcs and being a international citizen!

So Happy Australia day!









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