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Raspberry tartlets

So I started a new job two weeks ago, and I just HAD to test the product 🙂

fortunately those products are baking molds so that was the perfect excuse to act on one of my goals fot this year which is to master making two types of dough from scratch- yes in the past i’ve been guilty of buying it ready when it’s quite simple to make.

the issue you see is that part of me is scared to overwork the dough (as you might know, the more you work a dough the more the gluten ‘reveals’ itself and the dough becomes hard and unmanageable).

So fear begone, I bravely tackled my challenge ( 😉 ) by making this of so simple raspberry jam tartlet.

The recipe is …well very simply simple!

Ingredients (for a 11cm/huge individual pie)

  • Any weight of butter you want ( think i used about 50g for this??)
  • Same weight of flour (so, if you’re a math wizz, you’ve figured out you also need 50g hehe)
  • a tbsp or so of cold water
  • 3tbsp of jam
  • note: for a family sized one, you need a jar of jam and 100g of each


  • First, make the dough: cut the just out of the fridge butter in cubes and mix it with the flour with your hands, yes it’s messy but some good things in life are 🙂
  • Once the mixture is sand like, add cold water (teaspoon by teaspoon) until you get a ball of dough
  • Spread the dough onto your mold and cool for an hour
  • All the while preheat your oven at 180C
  • Bake your pie crust ‘a blanc’ (which means with nothing in it) for 15 minutes (or 20 if family sized)
  • Pour the jam, cook 20 minutes, and once cooked, count about 30 minutes cooling down
  • Yes it takes time but it’s very delicious! I recommend doing it when you ‘don’t care’ about eating it right away…if you want a quick fix this is NOT it!! But worth the wait in my opinion



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