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Porcini and truffle cream quiche

Following the ‘mastering the dough’ pious vow I made, I also tested the ‘competition’ which is aluminum molds (well of course my new products are better! Better for you, better for the environment, and the food is better too 🙂 )- ok plug over.

Two of my friends were coming for a movie last friday (well in the end we spent the evening gossiping but nevertheless…!) and I had bought this wonderful jar of porcini mushroom cream with ‘tartufo’ (truffle) and so I thought, why not make a quiche out of it!

Basically, i just mixed the content of the jar with 3 eggs, dash of milk and some chives and the result was a very flat but very flavorful quiche! Glad to say the home made dough made it extra delicious. I served it with ‘cornsalad’ (this is the translation I found online for ‘Mache’, a delicious and delicate type of lettuce), because I needed something green to cut the rich taste of the quiche.

If I had to do it again, I would put in more eggs because the taste was quite intense in truffle (and you know I LOVE truffle but it can get quite overbearing), but otherwise it was quite tasty 🙂





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