A dinner idea from guest contributor Chef Brian!

One of my friends from back in Pittsburgh (shoutout to my Pitt friends, i miss you!!!) shared pictures of a meal he made, I think he is the same type of chef as me since, there is no real ‘recipe’ but really good ingredients that are well matched up 🙂

Here are the components:

  • Fresh green asparagus dotted with butter (a little tip here, if you snap of the the asparagus, you can level off all the other ones at that level, that way you are sure that they will be tender!)- it appears here they were cooked in a frying pan, but from experience they also roast really well in the oven! (and low maintenance 🙂 )
  • Quality lamb with EVOO, salt and pepper
  • A nice California cabernet

Those are the ingredients for a great meal at Brian’s home 🙂

So Brian i’ll make you a deal: next time I visit Pitt, you cook this for me and that way I’ll also get to see your lovely daughter and wife :))

Any tips on cooking the lamb? Apparently the trick is to roast it on HIGH!!






2 comments on “A dinner idea from guest contributor Chef Brian!

  1. Why yes I do have a tip on the lamb. Orient the side with the bone to be closest to the flame, the tri tip pointing away. That will make it all cook more evenly and check it often! We like our done medium/ medium rare so only two turns. Thanks Vero for sharing my pictures.

  2. Hey thank you for sending them to me!! And thanks for the tip, i’m not so great at cooking meat so this helps!

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