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Dinner at Paul bocuse

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to attend a mind-opening conference where the topics ranged from measuring carbon footprint to the youth in the middle east to resilience.

I met some great people and as an ultimate bonus, we had dinner at the Paul Bocuse restaurant: Le Nord. I had been the ‘L’Est’ before so I was looking forward to adding another one to the list 🙂

The dinner was good, but not exceptional, nor original (normal since this restaurant specializes in traditional french cuisine).

I had smoked salmon with a nice sour cream and herbs cream, then a perfectly cooked fish that was placed on a delicious smashed potatoes with (lots of) olive oil and herb concoction, and to finish, the signature ‘baba au rhum’, a briochey pastry that is candied with fruit jelly and doused in rum.

I have to say i was so stuffed I couldn’t even finish it!

But you know what the best part of the evening was? For once, not the food, but the great company at my table: 5 wonderful people!!!








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