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Petit gouter

In France all kids have an afternoon snack, it’s just a a big tradition here!
So Caro and I indulged in a mega version of gouter: we made French toast with brioche and homemade thick hot chocolate! I even put rum in the brioche batter so it was extra delicious :))

These are not really recipes but here they are nonetheless:

Brioche Perdue (brioche French toast)
– two individual brioches or 4 slices of brioche
– 3 eggs
– dash of milk
– vanilla extract or powder
– dash of rum
– 1 tbsp sugar

– in a large bowl prepare the egg mixture with all the ingredients except the brioche
– soak the brioche in the mixture for 20 min if u can. We only soaked it for 2 min and it was good !
– preheat the pan and add butter to it
– cook the soaked brioche in the pan, for extra deliciousness you can sprinkle both sides with sugar and cook again to have a slight caramelized layer!

Hot chocolate
– 30cl milk
– 3 tbsp cocoa powder
– a small handful of semi sweet chocolate
– 1 tbsp corn starch
-optional: cinnamon and cayenne pepper

Mix all ingredients in a pan and heat while mixing until thick and delicious!!




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