Britton pasta

You guessed right, it includes cream and butter!!





2 comments on “Britton pasta

  1. Do you have a recipe approximation for this?

  2. you know what, i do not know the exact recipe but if i had to guess: you fry the bacon , then add the onions on low so they do not caramelize, then add a splash of white wine, and finally when the alcohol has evaporated you add cream 🙂
    Salt is not needed, but pepper and a dash of fresh ground nutmeg could be nice 🙂
    i think he added butter too, i would think as you add the onions?

    than you cook your pasta until 80% done, drain it and reserve a cup of cooking water and mix the whole thing in the pan until the pasta has absorbed the juices to finish its cooking and the starch in the cooking water thickened the sauce 🙂

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