Dinner at villa Runser

I went to dinner yesterday at friends house and he baked a traditional Alsatian dish for us it’s called a ‘baeckehoffe‘ it was extremely good : him and his wife really treated us !

He even told us the story of this dish: apparently, in Alsace during the week, women kept all the meat leftover in white wine to conserve it and on sundays they would drop off their loot and the baker would bake it in his oven while the women went to do the laundry, and when they would get back, they had their meal ready!

If you look closely you can see the dish is sealed with some bread dough; to make sure it stays moist and delicious!

For dessert we had a chocolate fondant with a carambar (caramel) chantilly… it was heavenly!!







2 comments on “Dinner at villa Runser

  1. ça c’est de la pure tradition alsacienne!

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