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Recipe project: Spring roll inspired salad

So I went back to my old stomping grounds this week – in Lyon- and visited my old company.

I used to manage an asian noodle brand called Tien shan, and i was lucky enough to get a sample of one of their new products: instant rice noodles (and not vermicelli which is way thinner!).

The funny thing is I used to not like rice noodles or vermicelli but lately (largely thanks to Pad Thai i think!) i am definitely more keen on it.

And tonight, as i am trying to finish all the products in my fridge so as not to let them rot during my impending vacation, i found myself with…lettuce and grated carrots…. and thought i needed some starch!

So here it is…the spring roll inspired salad! I don’t have all the ingredients on hand tonight but i combined baby spinach, Rocket and baby beet leaves with grated carrots and the noodles and it is very refreshing! A perfect summer salad. So here is a recipe to try when i get back 🙂

Ingredients for 4

  • 2 to 3 packages instant rice noodles (depending on hunger level of guests!)
  • two large handfuls of mixed greens of your choice
  • two large handfuls of grated carrots
  • soy sprouts, fresh or canned
  • 10 mint leaves/ cut into strips with scissors
  • 4 large shrimps, cut into inch long pieces
  • for the dressing, oil and vinegar and soy sauce rather than salt, tiny bit of fish sauce as well


  • soak the rice noodles in just boiled water and drain- pour cold water over until the noodles are cold
  • mix all the ingredients in a large bowl and refrigerate for 15 minutes, if you have the time
  • Variations: You could easily remove the shrimp (and the fish sauce!) to make it veggie friendly or add a cooked anc cooled chicken breast cut into cubes for bigger appetites
  • Njoy!!!

rice-noodles (1)


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