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Weekend in Pau-Le pastis d’Amélie

I went to visit my parents this weekend and we discovered a very good brand of ‘Pastis’ (traditional cake): Le pastis d’Amélie. So basically wen spent the weekend eating several of those delicacies. The cake is a type of brioche, which is quite heavy on vanilla and so moist you wouldn’t belive. Simply the best brioche you can dream of. It is quite expensive but every crumb is worth it!!!


We also went to a flower festival were we saw another tradition in action: the Skewered cake; which is made by pouring batter on a roasting pit near the fire! Maybe Wikipedia can explain better than I can 🙂

There were also huge chunks of Nougat, quite impressive


Oh and the pic of the swimming pool is just to make all of you jealous 🙂

Photo 20-04-13 15 23 28 Photo 21-04-13 14 20 10 Photo 21-04-13 12 43 46 Photo 21-04-13 12 43 32 Photo 21-04-13 12 43 51 Photo 21-04-13 12 15 06 Photo 21-04-13 12 15 00 Photo 21-04-13 12 27 21



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