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Le caillé Pascal

I had a friend over for lunch last week, as it was one of her last days in France: indeed she went back to Australia 😦 (well good for her!).

Since it was kind of impromptu, i did not necessarily have tons to eat at my place, especially for dessert.

I did have two ‘caillé’: basically it is just curdled Ewe’s milk, with a touch of sugar and vanilla, and it is one of my sweetest childhood memory.

These are sold two by two and are linked on top with a plastic thing so we used to cut out the bottom of the containers and make binoculars out of them, such fun! And the taste is not acidic like a yogurt but just so sweet, which is also why kids like them I guess.

I was kind of embarrassed not to have anything better for dessert but my friend loved every bite! It was kind of a revelation to her i think, too bad it happened a few days before leaving 🙂

Photo 13-03-13 11 05 30 Photo 13-03-13 11 10 42caille_mixte_pascal


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