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Oh, to have a table

So i just moved-again.

I love my new apartment, it is very modern, chic, and most of all: CALM! (not like the one before!)

It’s a bit more out of the way but if this past week is any indication, i don ‘t think it ll prevent my friends from visiting 🙂

I moved in on Saturday and built my table on Sunday. Indeed in my two past places I did not have space for a dinner table so when i had people over we ate on the coffee table, which is…less than ideal.

So i was thrilled when i was thinking of what furniture goes where in my new place when i saw i had space for a table- yay for sit down dinners!

So here it is in all it’s glory! First meal that i ate on it was veggies fresh from the farmer’s market (thanks Martha!!) roasted in the oven. They included butternut squash, Jerusalem artichoke (my first time eating them…so good!), turnips, potatoes, fennel and onions.

Now we were all quite hungry so we did not take the time to roast in batches which we should have done if we wanted  crispy veggies, but they were delicious as they were!

We sprinkled cayenne pepper, various herbs salt and pepper (and a *drizzle* of Olive oil!). Delicious and healthy!

Photo 17-02-13 13 16 40 Photo 17-02-13 20 52 56


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