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Day in Paris

After the meeting I got to spend a (freezing) day in Paris. It took me a while to get back in the rhythm if the city – so many people! So in the end I spent a lot I time relaxing in Starbucks but not before hitting a few spots I had eared off before!
The first stop was la patisserie des reves ( the pastry shop of dreams) where I bought their specialty: the Paris-Brest which is a praline buttercream in a choux pastry and one of the classics of the French patisserie!
It was quite pricey but very worth it and served in an exquisite pink triangle box and a fabric tissue!

Then I made my main stop which was lunch at cojean a very smart and kind man (whom I met incidentally!) who created fast food for women 🙂
I had a lentil soup and a sandwich with salmon tartare and mango with baby spinach, perfect.

Then after walking an hour in the freezing cold, the Starbucks opera was a very welcome stop for a coffee an some battery recharging for my phone and I!

Then I got the the shopping at the galleries Lafayette (from where the view of Paris is quite unique!) and the interior design is stunning 🙂














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