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Yesterday was a pumpkin feast!

Christophe did a great job at showcasing the various options in cooking with pumpkins, we had:

  • Nut and apple butternut
  • Apple and pumpkin puree
  • Ginger, lemon grass pumpkin soup
  • Basil, garlic and feta pumpkin soup

And the cool thing is to showcase each pumpkin in its original ‘packaging’ !

Nanou brought a cèpe pie, not pictured because it was eaten right away, it was so delicious.

I made the feta beets salad mentioned in yesterday’s post which was delicious! And Adeline made an almond lemon cake which was excellent- you can see her showcasing the pumpkin puree. Yes Adeline, now you’re a star!!

Here is the recipe for her cake:


Happy Halloween!


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