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Catching up: foods of India

So i don’t really feel like working today (i’m on vacation in a week, yay!) so i decided to catch up a little bit!

I went to India a month ago, so i wanted to share a few pics and impressions on the food!

For more info on the culture, visit our blog

First of all, the food was not as spicy as i imagined!

It was spiced but not hot to the point not to be able to eat (for most things!). We went to a gorgeous wedding and the food wad plentiful, rich and delicious. Unfortunately i got ‘Delhi belly’ from the second day on so i was forced to ingest the largest quantity of white rice and naan bread ever known to man!

The base of the meal is always some kind of bread, like naan, roti , chapatis, parathas (fried) and then a meat or veggies (sine most recipes are veg there!) in a sauce. I was delighted to find so many lentil recipes and declinations since it is a legume i particularly like!

I was also a fan of the raita, which is basically yogurt and veggies (or plain yogurt sometimes).

For dessert, there were not so many options so i think france still rules :))

In short, the food in India was delightful and i think i spoiled myself for any visits to Indian restaurants in France!!!


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