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Blueberry clafoutis- dessert in a hurry!

Oh my god I have become like these bloggers who just post nothing for a long time! I have tried so hard not to be but the truth is…we all get busy sometimes and to be honest i gained weight and as a conseauence haven’t been cooking so many fun things lately ( i know, it does sound lame doesn’t it?!).

Anyway even with my new resolutions (so not a diet), i wanted sthg sweet to end the meal today and i thought why not make a clafoutis? It’s mostly eggs and milk and fruit so it’s not even that bad for you! This cake is made with a thick pancake batter if you want to imagine the feel of it.

When i looked online fore a recipe, i found so many declinations (i usually get most my recipes by typing what i want to cook into google!) i decided to go back to a standard: my grandma’s recipe (how fitting since today is mother’s day in France!). In the recipe i made today i even added a bit of almond powder for the fun.

I got the recipe when i left for college, as my mum gave me ‘essentials’ to cook like veggie soup,yogurt cake, ‘quatre quart’ cake…you know a survival kit!

I still have the original paper which i kept into my pink recipe book/binder…i love this book as it really is a collection of so many periods of my life. In french, in english, emails written by friends, recipes printed off the internet, even a magazine cutout from the 80’s that my mum gave me (the recipe is for a pepper pie which is sooo good and made me famous with my friends for a while!)


But without further ado, this is my grandma’s recipe:

Clafoutis, serves 6

  • 500g of the juicy fruit of your choice (cherry, blueberry, apricot are some of the favorites)- i normally put more than 500g…
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 cups (mustard glass) of milk
  • 1 cup flour (i used less and subbed by almond flour)
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • pinch of salt


  • Whisk the eggs, flour, sugar, salt and milk together
  • Pour over a dish where you have put the fruit in
  • Put in a pre-heated oven (400F/200C) for about 30 min (the smells wafts out of the oven when the cake it ready!)
  • If you feel indulgent you can dot the top of the cake with a little butter after it cooked
  • Serve lukewarm

In a couple of weeks i am off to India so i’m hoping to come back with amazing dishes to share with you! (hopefully in the meantime i’ll post a little more than i’ve done in the past month!)



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