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First (and only!) strawberry

So my dad gave me strawberry plants as i killed the ones i had last year (i am so bad with plants it’s unnerving-although i do love them!).

Last year i had an interesting experience with strawberry plants as blackbirds came and ransacked my ‘garden’ to take my prized red strawberries. I remember coming out to water my mini garden (on my urban balcony i’m afraid) and finding soil EVERYWHERE They had eaten all the fruit of my labor and pillaged the pots. I felt so sad… and nearly violated!

I then tried everything: cd’s, going out on my balcony making frightening faces and sounds as i heard any noise coming from there, empty threats…needless to say the blackbirds won and i did not have more than 3 strawberries to eat for the whole season 😦

So anyway i’m hoping somehow the birds will not be back this year and starting the cycle of watering my plants every day again. When i went to do that at lunchtime today (i am indeed lucky enough to be close enough to work to come home for lunch!), i found a bright red strawberry!

Having had quite a tough time with work lately this filled me with joy, so i wanted to share it with you! It is true indeed gardening brings you peace- even if you’re bad at it like i am!

ps: it was delicious! 😉


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