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Amsterdam weekend!

I went to Amsterdam for the weekend and boy was the food excellent!

Highlights included

  • Eating my favorite sinful food: a frikandel (which is basically a spiced, skinless hot dog); Very unhealthy but OH so good!! The funny thing is that you buy them in these automatic dispensers: put a coin, open the window where the frikandel has been kept warm and eat while standing up!! See the pics in the gallery it’s pretty funny
  • Having lunch at my favorite place: “La place” which lets you compose your salad plate à la wholefoods- choices of very many different original salads like grilled sweet potatoes, rice salad, tabouli, pasta salad, grilled veggies including zuchini…to be eaten while overlooking the canal…
  • Having lunch with a local friend and sampling the pumpkin soup at the café around the corner of his work- i love pumpkin soup and the dutch do it right!
  • Playing food tourist thanks to my friend Caro (it was her first time in Holland) even though i lived in this country for 3 years about 10 years ago: we sampled appelflap (puff pastry with apples), Dutch apple pie, and many, many coffees 🙂
  • And finally, enjoying the bread which is so grainy and nutty!! all sorts of small to big breads with raisins, nuts, hazelnuts, and as brown as it can get! My favorite kind 🙂

Now back to work (and to the gym!)


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